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Top 7 Best IP Cameras Of 2017


Increased home security, a real-time baby monitor and a 24-hour surveillance in your home from anywhere are just some of the good reasons why you need an IP camera in your home. Compared to CCTV cameras, IP cameras can give you real-time images on what exactly is happening from where you have installed it. Today, IP cameras come with different names like WiFi camera, network or cloud but regardless of its various names - it all give the same purpose which is added security for the thing or the people that mean the most to you.

In choosing the best IP camera, you need to consider different factors like price, size, features and a lot more. Unfortunately with so many brands and models in the market today, it would take forever to get to know each of it and determine which is the best. So to narrow down your choices, we will discuss the best IP cameras on the market and what makes each of it a worthy option.​

7. Simplicam HD WiFi Home Video Monitoring Camera Review

Simplicam HD WiFi Home Video Monitoring Camera Review

This monitoring camera probably has all the essential features you need for an IP camera. From two-way talk, smartphone set up so you can watch anywhere, stream with 720 HP video quality from any device or computer, with an intelligent and sound sensor, and can be turned on and off remotely. It's not just ideal as a home surveillance camera but even as a baby cam.

Setting up is easy and only takes about 3 minutes or even less. Just download the Closeli app for free and connect it to your internet and you are ready to go. Even comes with a night vision feature so you can still see things when the lights are off. You also have the option to upgrade your subscription to premium which offers face recognition notification. This allows you to know who is home and when someone you don’t know is in the house. Comes with a free 11-day trial so you get to test how effective it is.

6. Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Security Camera Review

Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Security Camera Review

This IP camera does not only transfer real-time images and sounds but also zooms and can be paired with a CVR or cloud video recording, so you automatically record everything that you have watched. Also, you can watch it not just from any device but from any computer OS too such as Windows or Mac.

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You also have the option to turn off the HD quality of the videos to increase the bandwidth capability of your camera. Setting up is fast and easy and can be ready in less than one minute. You can set it up anywhere in your home, office, children room or anywhere you need to have eyes in 24/7.​

5. Samsung SNH-1011 Wireless IP Camera Review

Samsung SNH-1011 Wireless IP Camera Review

This Samsung Wireless IP Camera comes with a new firmware with an improved WiFi direct setup via any smartphone or desktop. Just like most monitoring camera, it also has a built-in mic with two-way speakers, but with built-in IR LED lamps for a superior quality of image particularly at night and clearer color imaging. You also get audio and motion detection with notifications via Google Drive, Twitter and Picasa so you know what goes on in your home even when you are not watching.

Every purchase gets you a 90 days manufacturers warranty and iWatchLife option for cloud monitoring or storage. At the moment, it is still not compatible with Apple routers.​

4. D-Link DCS-930L mydlink-Enabled Wireless-N Network Camera Review

D-Link DCS-930L mydlink-Enabled Wireless-N Network Camera Review

What makes the D-Link Wireless-N Network Camera better than most IP cameras is its motion detection that also sends an alert directly to your email or mobile device. This is especially useful when no one is supposed to be in that place at that time, and you get instant notification when someone suddenly shows up in there. You can instantly monitor the area from any smartphone device, be it iOS or Windows with the mydlink app.

Another great thing about using this IP camera’s software is that it doesn’t come with any monthly fees and you can set it up yourself quickly. You can control the quality, size and frame rate of every image transferred. You can also edit text overlays as well as time stamps.

3. Foscam FI9821W V2 Review

Foscam FI9821W V2 Review

Keep the people you love and the things important to you secured with the Foscam FI9821W V2 high definition monitoring camera. It has a built-in 1.0-megapixel lens so it can provide you with 1280 x 720 HD quality streaming video directly from any PC and smartphone devices (Mac and Windows). You also get alerts via email or FTP every time a motion is detected with recorded snapshots so you can quickly view if ever anyone unauthorized enters the vicinity. Also, it comes with an SD card slot that can handle up to 32GB in size, so you get more space to use. It's almost 3 to 5x more video compared to other MJPEG compression cameras.

2. Arlo Smart Home - 1 HD Camera Security System Review

Arlo Smart Home - 1 HD Camera Security System Review

The Arlo Smart Home made it on our 2nd spot because it of its indoor or outdoor feature. It is weatherproof so you can let it stay outside for as long as you want. Comes with night vision feature and motion detection so you get the best security whether used inside or outside a house. And did we mention that it is completely wireless? You can set it up anywhere you want it to be. Plus it comes with a free cloud storage so you can see the most recent activity conveniently.

Free apps are available to be downloaded and setting up is much easier than any other monitoring camera. You don’t need a computer to use it and can be used with multiple cameras.

1. Nest Cam Security Camera Review

Nest Cam Security Camera review

The Nest Cam Security Camera is equipped with 24/7 live video streaming of 1080p HD quality image, two-way audio, motion and sound detection that sends alerts to your phone, and for a fee will store up to 30 days of video history for your private use. Also, the camera is integrated with an eight infrared LEDs that will allow you to see the whole area even when it’s pitch black. If you don’t mind paying an extra fee every month for extra protection, then this is a good choice.

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