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Top 7 Best Paintball Guns Of 2017


If want to experience an almost near-realistic shooter game, then you should buy yourself a paintball gun and join the completion with your friends. Paintball is known to be a team sport. There are two or more teams of one to several thousand players compete to accomplish objectives while shooting at each other with a paintball gun. Paintball players are at least as obsessed about their kit, the purpose of the gear is to let you play the game and tweaking your loadout is fun to experience, but it’s not the end goal.

Since there are many paintball gun types, models and brands out in the market right now, choosing one can be a bit troublesome. Like any other to thing to consider before buying, you should always set your budget. As what they say, you get what you pay for. But in this case, it is always good to do some research or even ask anyone you know that might have some idea about this particular brand and the performance it can deliver. Also, it is better if you can the paintball gun itself before deciding to purchase it, this way you may be able to know which one you are comfortable with. To help you narrow down you’re your choices, here are the top best you can get today.

7. Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review

Dye Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review

The Dry Proto Rail is another good quality paintball gun at a much lower price. It features a composite 4s frame that draws from the same influences and progressive engineering as the innovative UL Frame but uses and extremely durable Nylon/Fiber Glass composite for unparalleled toughness. It also has a multi-stage precision honing which all Boomstick barrels go through the same multi-phase precision honing method. This process yields a 6-micron mirror finish that is the most accurate and consistent finish available. The polycarbonate eye pipe shields the anti-chop eye system from dirt and broken paint. The updated 1-piece Fuse bolt system operates at an extremely low 140psi. Overall, it’s a great product for a lesser price.

6. Planet Eclipse Unisex Etha Paintball Gun CAMO O/S Review

Planet Eclipse Unisex Etha Paintball Gun CAMO OS Review

The Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun retains the core elements of all Planet Eclipse markers but comes wrapped in a more affordable package. It features a rubber tipped CS bolt mechanism, contoured dual-density grip, grip pitch of 156mm, semi and ramping capped and uncapped firing modes, and 10 Debounce Modes. No matter at what price-point you purchase, your paintball marker we believe that there are some essential features that every customer should demand. If you just started playing paintball and want to familiar yourself with the gun, then this product is a good starting point. You get good quality craftsmanship and high-performance weapon for the price.

5. DYE Proto Rize Paintball Marker Review

DYE Proto Rize Paintball Marker Review

The DYE'S Proto Rize is packed with performance features not found on entry-level markers. It features the newly designed Patented Rize Fusion Bolt, Precision True Bore Proto 1 piece barrel, proven Hyper 3 regulator, newly redesigned Dye RAMP solenoid, and clamping feed neck give the Rize the performance of a high-end marker. The Dye UL Hourglass 45 frame, dual density sticky grips, no-slip sleeve, adjustable aluminum trigger and low profile balanced design that let you naturally control and aim with all day comfort. Its self-cleaning M2 eye pipe and color coded O-rings, maintenance is quick and easy. The Dye Rize is the gun of choice for the avid paintball player.

4. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

The Empire Mini GS is the next generation of a paintball marker legend. It features a pressure controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance, integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes, multiple adjustable firing modes, wrap-around fore grip for protection from elements and increased grip and a venting ASA regulator with On/Off lever. The Mini GS also adds an On/Off ASA that eliminates any thread issues and makes for smooth removal of your tank. The ASA and Fore grip attachment points have been beefed up for extra strength and superior performance. With Empire Mini GS excellent build quality and performance, it’s a perfect marker for intermediate and expert playing.

3. Planet Eclipse Etek 4 LT / AM Paintball Guns Review

Planet Eclipse Etek 4 LT  AM Paintball Guns Review

The Planet Eclipse Etek 4 is known to be one of the best markers for the masses. It features a new one-piece body, SL3 regulator, angled inline swivel rammer kit and more. The Etek4 AM is of an All Metal construction that replaces all of the above composite parts with machined alloy parts. It also utilizes glass-reinforced impact resistant composite parts for the frame, eye cover, feed tube and OOPS knob. All other materials are the same high-grade alloys found in the Geo and Ego range of markers. Overall, this is an excellent paintball gun. It is well made and very accurate, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Empire Paintball Axe Marker Review

Empire Paintball Axe Marker Review

The Empire Paintball Axe Marker has proven to be one of the most reliable paintball guns available today. It is very accurate and best of all, its lightweight. The unique push-button bolts removal system for easy maintenance. Its Empire Relay Regulator/ASA with ON/OFF lever makes tank removal a breeze. There are an extended grip frame and a new grip for increased comfort during gameplay. Comes with multiple adjustable firing modes like a semi, PSP ramping, NXL, and Millennium ramping. It is possibly the best value mid-tier marker out there and arguably one of the best, it is quiet, consistent, and accurate.

1. Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Gun Review

Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 Paintball Gun Review

The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 is one of the top paintball guns in the world. It has so many features and the design of the gun screams quality. The valve bolt, level, and rammer are upgraded in design. Other features include a unique lever valve mechanism, heavy and light Zick3 rammer, SL4 line regulator, high flow onion valve, Infra-red break beam eyes, true-color adjustable LCD Backlight, replaceable graphic LCD module, shielded valve spring and much more. The bolt and rammer generate very small forces that in turn minimize vibration. The Planet Eclipse Ego LV1 is an advanced player’s marker which a newbie might have difficulty handling. Overall, it’s an n awesome paintball gun to own if the price is not an option.

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