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Top 7 Best Pellet Guns Of 2017


Whether you’re hunting rabbits, pesky rats or even a fox, the right pellet gun can make a world of difference. There are always considerations to take into account when owning a pellet gun. Like any other rifle, the accuracy is a very important factor. Of course, you want to make sure that you will hit your target. The problem with small game, clearly, is that it is small. That makes it difficult to hit from a distance. If your gun isn’t accurate, not only have you not bagged your game, you’ve also scared it and several other potential targets in the area.

Power is also another thing to consider since pellet guns rely on air pressure to propel the pellet from the rifle. You want to have a decent amount of power behind your air rifle to make sure that it penetrates the game enough to kill it. Power needed can vary significantly based on what you want to hunt.

You also want to buy a pellet gun that is easy to use. Depending on where you plan to hunt, you want to consider how you plan to get your gun around. Some guns are pretty weighty and require quite a bit of effort after a while. What you want instead is something that is easy to use and has a power source that doesn’t require a whole lot of effort. That’s why something that is spring powered and can be easily cocked is a good idea. Now, if you’re looking for a good quality pellet gun, check out the top 7 on this list.​

7. Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle air rifle Review

Gamo Viper Express Air Shotgun & Rifle air rifle Review

The Gamo Viper Express is the ultimate in shooting fun and perfect for pest control is. As an air shotgun, it shoots miniature shells loaded with a No. 9 lead shot. At 600 fps, it delivers a 12-inch pattern at 10 yards, penetrating over 1/8" of 200-lb. compressed paperboard. As an air rifle, it fires a .22-caliber pellet at 725 fps with the included adapter. Gamo provides a limited lifetime warranty for this product. Great for the shooter who likes the broad side of a barn and couldn't hit. A nice spread and stopping power at close range.

6. Crosman Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle and Pump Review

Crosman Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic PCP Dual Fuel .22 Air Rifle and Pump Review

The Crosman Benjamin Discovery has bridged the gap and taken the pain out of PCP guns, and this is as low a price as you'll ever find on a PCP rifle. It uses a .22 caliber with a maximum velocity of 900 feet per second. The gun comes with a hardwood stock, Williams fiber optic front and rear sights, and a built-in air pressure gauge. With high-pressure air, you'll get up to 25 powerful shots before you need to pump up again. On CO2, you'll get a lot more shots per fill. The Benjamin Discovery is the easiest PCP you've ever used. If you're new to PCPs, you'll become a pro in just a few short steps.

5. Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air Rifle with 3-9x40mm Scope Review

Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air Rifle with 3-9x40mm Scope Review

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro Air Rifle is loaded with features that make it much more pleasant to shoot. This air rifle features Fixed fiber optic front sight, fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight, 11mm scope rail, Whisper Fusion double-integrated noise dampener and all-weather ambidextrous stock. The Gamo Whisper Fusion PRO air rifle can be used for longer periods of time, it produces less noise, lesser felt recoil, and a trigger you can personalize to your needs and the option to use open sights instead of a scope.

4. Gamo Silent Cat air rifle Review

Gamo Silent Cat air rifle Review

The Silent Cat Air Rifle is one of Gamo’s higher powered air rifles. The rifle gets its name from a non-removable noise dampener mounted to the barrel. It features a caliber .177, a velocity of 1200 feet per second with PBA, it has a Skeleton stock and a 4x32 scope with 1-piece mount. It also Features twin cheek pads to make it comfortable for left or right handed shooters and deluxe ventilated rubber pad on the end of the stock to make for more comfortable recoil absorption. It has two safety features, a manual release trigger safety, and an automatic cocking safety. The manufacturer of this air rifle provides a 1-year limited warranty.

3. Crosman RepeatAir 1077 .177 Air Rifle Review

Crosman RepeatAir 1077 .177 Air Rifle Review

The Crosman 1077 air rifle has been in continuous production since 1994, and there have been relatively few changes in the design during that time. It features an exclusive 12-shot rotary pellet clip; wind age-adjustable, fiber optic Center Point sight. Rifled steel barrel and all-weather synthetic stock are eye-catching and durable. It has a CO2 power source, 0.177 caliber, muzzle velocity up to 625-feet-per-second. With the Crosman RepeatAir 1077, You won't find a more reliable semi-automatic air rifle as it fires as fast as you can pull the trigger.

2. Gamo Big Cat 1250 .177 Caliber Air Rifle with Scope Review

Gamo Big Cat 1250 .177 Caliber Air Rifle with Scope Review

The Big Cat 0.177 Caliber Air Rifle is one of the best for target practice and large and small pest control. It features a 0.177 caliber single shot air rifle with a 4x magnification, 32-millimeter objective rifle scope. It shoots 1250 feet per second (FPS) with PBA Platinum. It’s a single cocking system with non-slip checkering on the grip and forearm. It has a synthetic stock with polymer over-molded precision rifled steel fluted barrel. Gamo provides a 1-year limited warranty for this rifle. The gun itself feels very solid, and it's reasonably heavy, so it doesn't feel like a toy.

1. Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel Air Rifle Review

The Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 is the ideal rifle for varmint and small game hunting and pest control. It features a .22 caliber pellets up to 1,100 FPS which a big velocity for a small-game hunting champion. It includes a 3-9x40 mm AO optic from CenterPoint and Hardwood stock with sling mounts. No CO2 cartridges to buy ever. Its break-barrel mechanism adds the power at a stunning 28 ft.-lbs. of muzzle energy. It also features a durable, all-weather synthetic stock. This rugged break barrel boasts an impressive 23 feet pounds of muzzle energy, providing 16% more downrange energy than .177 calibers.

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