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Top 7 Best Pepper Sprays Of 2017


There is a lot of crime and violence in our world today. You will never know when there will be a need to protect yourself from people who can cause you harm.

It is always to be prepared, and the best way to equip yourself without having to bring frightening guns and ammunition is by having a pepper spray in your purse, bag or key holder.

Unsure of the kind of pepper spray that you should purchase?

Here is our top seven review of the seven best pepper spray in the market.

7. Bling Sting Review

Bling Sting Review

If you adore shiny and glittery objects, this is for you. The Bling Sting is a pepper spray which has rhinestones — perfect for a person who values sophistication and wants to feel safe especially when going outdoors. Even though it looks very attractive, this pepper spray contains ten percent of oleoresin capsicum, which can cause temporary but extreme pain.

This little contraption can cause pain of up to 45 minutes, which gives the user ample time to run away from your assailant. Although the makers of the Bling Sting would not want you to get the chance to use it, they have put instructions on how to use the pepper spray. The Bling Sting is very easy to carry around, and can be attached to your key holder, to your dog’s leash, or bag zipper.

It is very attractive and does not look like the standard pepper spray. The Bling Sting is the perfect pepper spray for all the ladies out there who would want to feel safe.​

6. Inferno Review

Inferno Review

It is definitely as good as its name. The Inferno Pepper Spray is a very effective tool to drive away assailants, may they be humans or animals. This model was produced by Cold Steel, a known company who sells weapons and self-defense tools. The Inferno Pepper Spray contain 8 percent OC. Although the concentration is not too high, it also includes 2 percent black pepper. You will be able to fight back to your assailant, whether it is human or animal.

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The range of the Inferno is from 6 to 8 feet, which is not too far but will allow you to fight back to your assailant from a safe distance.​

5. SABRE RED Police Strength Spray - Pink, Compact Lipstick for Discrete Protection Review

SABRE RED Police Strength Spray - Pink, Compact Lipstick for Discrete Protection Review

This pepper spray not only protects you from harm — it looks good, too!

The SABRE RED Police Strength Spray comes in pink and is shaped like a lipstick, perfect for a woman who wants to catch her assailant off guard.

The pepper spray looks very modern and does not strike as a weapon.It is made in the USA and is the most trusted brand by law enforcement agencies in the United States and all over the world.

The Lipstick Pepper Spray is perfect for the girly woman who wants to fight back. Say goodbye to being a damsel in distress — you can fight back with a mere spray from a lipstick!​

4. SABRE Red Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Spitfire- Most Advanced, Compact & Fastest-Deploying Key Ring Spray with Refillable Case

SABRE Red Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Spitfire- Most Advanced, Compact & Fastest-Deploying Key Ring Spray with Refillable Case Review

Also made by SABRE, you can be assured of the quality of this pepper spray. It is definitely one of the best pepper sprays in the market today. Like other high-quality pepper sprays, It has a four-year shelf life, which is double the industry average.

You do not need to get too close to your assailant, as it has an 8-foot range. Also, it can have a lasting but temporary respiratory effect on your target.

This is a model that is not too compact and is ideal for people who want to protect their homes, offices, or businesses.​

3. Police Magnum Review

Police Magnum Review

The amount of OC in the Police Magnum Pepper Spray is very similar to the ones used by law enforcement agencies. Although the percentage of Police Magnum's Oleoresin Capsicum is lower than other pepper sprays in the market, this model will be able to protect you from assailants who would want to attack you.

The Police Magnum also has an ultra-violet dye which will help police officers identify the suspect. Your attacker's skin will have an orange dye which is very hard to remove.

2. Mace PepperGard Review

Mace PepperGard Review

You cannot go wrong with this model. Mace is a well-known brand for pepper sprays, and PepperGard is one of its bestselling products. PepperGard has 10% Oleoresin Capsicum, which means that your target will have a hard time once he is hit. Another good feature of this spray is that it marks your attacker with dye stains, which makes identifying him easier for police officers.

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The PepperGard Pocket type comes with a key chain which makes it easy to attach to a key ring. You can also easily put it in your purse. It is also available in big quantities if there is size is not an issue.

The Mace PepperGard has a flip top cover, which makes it easy to use. This design also prevents accidental use of the spray. Like the standard pepper spray that is of high quality, it has a shelf-life of four years from its manufacturing date.​

1. SABRE RED Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Runner with Hand Strap Review

SABRE RED Pepper Spray - Police Strength - Runner with Hand Strap Review

The USA-made SABRE RED Pepper Spray is our top choice. This pepper spray is also said to be the number one brand trusted by police officers and consumers all over the world.

If you get involved in a situation wherein you will need to protect yourself from an animal or an assailant, this pepper spray is the perfect one for you. Its design will allow you to access pepper spray quickly. It comes with an adjustable hand strap which is best if you go through shady and isolated areas.

With this pepper spray, you will not need to get close to your assailant as it can shoot up to ten feet away. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and will only affect the target.

It can last up to four years, so you can keep it in your purse for the next couple of years without worrying that it will expire. It also comes with a free how-to-use video which will help the user understand how to operate it in times of emergency.

The Sabre Red Police Strength Pepper Spray is the best pepper spray in the market today.​

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