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Top 7 Best Youth Baseball Gloves Of 2017


Baseball is one of the favorite pastimes of families in America today. It is a sport enjoyed by adults and even kids as young as three years old. Teaching children to play baseball is a great way to encourage them to play sports, be fit, be a team player and learn sportsmanship. And one of the things you need before playing baseball with your kids is a youth baseball glove.

​A youth baseball glove is a lot different from an adult baseball glove. Since the user of a youth baseball glove is a kid, it's usually smaller, lighter and easier to control. Especially when your child is just starting to learn the game, it will make it easier for them to move their arms and catch a ball compared to adult baseball gloves.

In this review, we will be featuring the best youth baseball gloves and what makes each of them the right choice. If ever you decide to get one for your kid, you will know exactly which glove your child needs.

7 Best Youth Baseball Gloves:​

7. Louisville Slugger Genesis Gun Metal Fielding Glove Review​

Louisville Slugger Genesis Gun Metal Fielding Glove Review

Genesis series of Louisville Slugger is one of the favorite glove lines of young baseball players. Constructed for young baseball players, so it's durable yet soft enough that it requires no break-in period. Made with very soft buffalo leather palm, lightweight nylon mesh and 10.5” multiposition pattern with a strap back and checkmate web.

6. Akadema Rookie Series Glove Review​

Akadema Rookie Series Glove Review​

Another ideal baseball glove for children is Akadema’s Rookie Series Glove that features an 11-inch reptilian pattern, B-hive web and Akadema Grasp Clasp Wrist System. It means that the kid’s hand will be securely in place inside the gloves as they catch the ball. It allows the child to learn proper catching mechanics which will contribute to their overall performance. Its leather pocket and web design are the same construction used in professional series, so you are also assured of its quality and durability. It is available in a left or right-hand throw.

5. Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove Review​

Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove Review​

Another baseball glove that helps developing players learn the proper catching mechanic is the Mizuno Youth Prospect Ball Glove. It has a power lock closure, Heel Flex Technology, parashock palm pad, butter soft lining and Patented Power Close that provides excellent flexibility for maximum performance. It primarily makes ball catching a lot easier with less sting. Also available for left-handed throwers.

4. Rawlings Player Series T-Ball Pattern Review

Rawlings Player Series T-Ball Pattern Review

It's all leather palm material, deep pocket basket-web construction, and a wide opening back feature is what makes Rawlings Player Series T-Ball pattern a worthy choice for a kid’s baseball glove. For maximum comfort, it also comes with extra cushioned palm and finger back paddings. Some models even come with Velcro straps for tailored fit. Available in right and left-hand glove.

3. Easton Youth Z-Flex Series Ball Glove Review

Easton Youth Z-Flex Series Ball Glove Review

The Easton Youth Z-Flex Series Ball Glove is one of an ideal baseball glove for youngsters today, especially for first-time players. Its patented Z-Flex technology provides maximum comfortability and convenience. It allows the player to close the glove on their own with its elastic strip on the sides of the hand. And as an added comfort, it features 2-1-1 construction that puts together the little finger and ring finger into a single stall to give the user more grip when closing it. Add the incredibly soft leather for flexibility and your kid is ready to learn.And that’s not all; it also features the Easton Grab All Web design that is bigger than usual webs on youth gloves by 40%. It makes sure that once the ball's caught, it stays caught. Lastly, it also comes with Velcro wrist straps for that perfectly snug fit every time.

2. Rawlings Renegade Series Youth Glove Review

Rawlings Renegade Series Youth Glove Review

What makes this model of Rawling better than the first one reviewed is its full grain oil-tanned leather construction. It also comes in many kinds of patterns in different sizes not just for baseball but also in softball games. It also features padded palm pads and brushed nylon finger back linings.

1. Wilson Dustin Pedroia Infield Baseball Glove Review

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And our number one is the Wilson Infield Baseball Glove for its “Pedroia Fit” that offers not only perfect fitting for small hands but also ideal for those who like tight fitted gloves. And since this is a Dustin Pedroia designed gloves, it also in flared shape, low profile heel, long laces and the Pedroia’s signature pattern in Saddle Tan. Pedroia Fit gloves allow the user to move swiftly yet still keep the gloves locked in proper palm position.

This particular baseball glove is also easy to break in with its Rolled Dual-Welting and durable with its Pro Stock Leather construction. But what keeps this baseball glove unique from the rest is its DriLex Wrist Lining that keeps your hands dry and cool all throughout the game.

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Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso is the designer of Wilson Pro Stock Gloves. He spends a lot of time in constructing and perfecting each model gloves so that it outlast and outperforms other brands. They specialize in providing MLB players with the kind of gloves they require such as Brandon Phillips. From weight, construction and design - Wilson takes their time to provide you with gloves that give you the aid you need for maximum performance and comfort.​

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