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Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Swimming Of 2017


In today’s time and age, fitness trackers come in different purpose and features. There are fitness trackers that are optimized for running, cycling, exercising and even swimming. Swimming fitness trackers are optimized for use underwater so it can withstand not just a splashes of liquid but totally submerged meters below underwater and stay there for a longer period.

Fitness trackers record all your activity and sleep every day so you can easily monitor how physically active you have been. From the number of steps, calories burned, heart beat per minute and even the distance you have traveled. A very helpful tool to encourage you to do more exercise and be healthy every day.

Now if you are looking for a fitness tracker for swimming but don’t know which brand and model to choose, you have come to the right place. This review features the best fitness tracker for swimming available today so you can easily see which matches your needs and budget.​

7th: Misfit Shine Review

Misfit Shine Review

Misfit Shine looks like an elegant fashion accessory that lights up like a halo to show you how much exercise you have done and how far away are you from your daily goal. It effectively tracks all your walking, cycling, running and of course swimming for up to 50 meters underwater. It is compatible with the latest models of iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows phone running with 8.1 and above software well as Android phones running with 4.3 and above software. Powered by a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months, so no charging needed, ever. We recommend that you use Panasonic CR3032 batteries when replacing the battery.

6th: 007plus T5 Review

007plus T5 Review

A fitness tracking bracelet that’s equipped with sports and temperature sensors. It records all your physical and sleeping activities so you can check it later on and see how well you have done. And since it is waterproof as well, it also records your swimming activity.

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It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts 5 to 7 days for each 45 minute or full charge. It also has Bluetooth and compatible with iOS 7 devices and Android with 4.3 software and higher.​

5th: Waterfi Waterproofed FitBit Flex Review

Waterfi Waterproofed FitBit Flex Review

If going deep underwater is your sport then Waterfi Waterproofed Fitbit is an excellent choice. It is waterproofed up to 210 feet so you can go almost as deep as you want. It will record all your swimming activities including surf sessions and give you feedback right away with how many calories you have burned. And just like most fitness trackers it logs meal, measures your sleep, alarm function, record workouts, and many more. It syncs up to mobile devices and PCs automatically so you can monitor your daily data conveniently. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials.

4th: Garmin Swim Watch Review

Garmin Swim Watch Review

One of the few fitness trackers that are made and optimized for the use of swimmers, particularly lap pools of 20m deep is the Garmin Swim Watch. It can work as soon as you open its box by just indicating the size of your pool and you are ready to go. It will automatically log in the lengths, pace, distance and it can identify by itself what stroke you are using. And you no longer need another person’s help in logging in your timed intervals and drills because it can do it for you with just a few touch of a button.

Garmin Swim Watch will also improve your swimming efficiency as it even calculates your swolf score. It will send notifications to remind you of your goals to keep you motivated and reach your target. After every workout, it will automatically sync data to your PC so you can upload it to Garmin website and get a free analysis. There you can view a detailed record of the work done the whole week and how well you have progressed since the day you started. You can even share your data with anyone.

It takes approximately a year before you need to change its battery and it's so easy to do that you can do it yourself.​

3rd: Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Sports Watch Review

Swimovate PoolMate2 Swim Sports Watch Review

Another fitness tracker made especially for swimmers is the Swimovate PoolMate2. It's not only good to use in lap pools but even in lakes, rivers and even an ocean up to 50 meters deep. All you need to do is choose the mode based on the place where you will swim, and you are ready to go. It accurately records your swimming data from lap counts, speed, calories, stroke and efficiency level so you can quickly know what exactly do you need to improve. Equipped with MEMS accelerometer, PoolMate2 captures the movement of your arms and has an accuracy rate of above 99.75%. Also, it is also built with 100 log capacity, calorie counter, pause function, alarm, and stopwatch.

2nd: Runtastic RUNOR1 Review

Runtastic RUNOR1 Review

Runtastic RUNOR1 records all your daily activity, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. From sleeping cycle, calories burned, physical activities, and yes including swimming up to 300 ft. But what makes this fitness tracker stand out is that you can clip it anywhere in your body aside from wearing it on your wrist. If wearing wristbands are not your thing, you have the option to clip it in your bra, undershirt or anywhere you like, and it will still work.

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You can also set personal goals, Bluetooth sync feature, time and alarm mode, and a long-lasting battery.​

1st: Misfit Wearables Shine Speedo Swim Plus Fitness Tracker Review

Misfit Wearables Shine Speedo Swim Plus Fitness Tracker Review

Another Misfit wearables made it on our list and got the top spot with its Speedo Swim Plus Fitness Tracker. Built with advanced proprietary lap counting algorithm tracks lap count with high accuracy in all types of stroke. Then you can sync it with the Misfit app to view all your swim data including distance, laps, calories and points earned. Wear it too when you're not swimming as it also records other physical activities like cycling, running, walking and even sleeping. It works up to 50 meters underwater and doesn’t require any charging because it comes with 4000 hours battery life.

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