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Top 7 Best Goal Planners of 2018


Statistics show that people who write down their goals have an 80% higher chance of achieving them! However, when it comes to organizing your goals, trying to mentally strategize and plan can be a tough and stressful process. As note taking apps can bombard you with distracting alerts and notifications, organizing goals with a goal planner can help increase your focus on what’s most important - achieving your goal!

Writing down your goals on a traditional notebook or planner isn’t enough. You’ll have mindless lose left thoughts scattered throughout the office and home. Properly organizing and visualizing your goals through self-journaling, actionable steps, and progression tracking is essential to reducing stress and confusion. You’ll have the roadmaps to achieve short-term goals and your largest dreams. 

We made it our mission to test every goal planner we could get our hands on so we could guide you in the right direction for choosing the best goal planners that are both effective, proven and fun to use!

Maximize your goal setting strategy with the top 7 best goal planners of 2018 below.

7. My Plans - Weekly Planner Review

my plans notebook planner

​This planner is a bit different as it is a yearly planner that includes monthly and weekly goal planning sections. It even includes a list of holidays so you can properly plan around important holidays ahead of time. There is a handy inside pocket which is great for storing your notes too!

Sold in a vibrant turquoise color and a sleek grey. It comes in a very nice size as well, which makes it perfect for carrying in your backpack, purse or business case.​

5. The Lion Planner Review

lion planner review

​The Lion Planner is a 6 month planner that includes sections to jot down your short and long term goals, which we really enjoyed. There is a professional and personal goal setting template which is perfect for growing your professional network and enhancing your personal development skills.

They included plenty of space to write all of your goals and plans for each day, which we really enjoyed. Is offered in a beautiful blue colorway and is made with 100% eco-friendly materials to add a nice finishing touch!​

4. 6M Goal Planner Review

6m planner review

This planner focuses heavily on allowing you to evaluate your achievements each and every day. It includes a star rating system where you can rate yourself for a particular day for a variety of categories such as physical, mental and financial.

The 6M Planner also features a weekly review section where you can reflect on your weekly strengths and weaknesses and how you can better prepare for the upcoming week ahead. It’s sold in a sleek, black cover.

2. The Performance Planner Review 

the performance planner review

The Performance Planner is rooted in helping you to take action to help you achieve your goals. The templates are designed to maintain discipline so you can stay on track with the goals you set for yourself.

The notes section is helpful for jotting down thoughts that unexpectedly flow through your mind. It allows you to keep track of your appointments and activities that are your top priorities. The soft, leather cover adds a cool touch!

1. Panda Planner - Non Dated Daily Planner and Self Journal 

Panda Planner

​Introducing the best goal planner of 2018 yet, the Panda Planner. This planner is more than just a goal-setting tool, it’s a self-journaling life planner that helps you crush your goals big and small. This proven 90 day goal-setting system has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners and first-time goal setters.

The Panda Planner provides you with templates, calendars and step-by-step outlines that help you write down your weekly goals, an action area to determine the steps to take to achieve those goals, visualization boards and more. There are plenty of cool colors to choose from to satisfy anyone's preferences. This planner is an excellent tool that allows you to fully visualize your dreams and create a plan of action to achieve them!​

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