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Top 7 Best Kettlebells Of 2017


Kettlebells are large cast-iron weights in the shape of balls with a single handle. Both men and women use it to lose weight, strength training or simply for use in daily work out. Beginners are recommended to use the 5 lb kettlebell, but if you can handle more weight, you can choose to use up to 50 lbs of weight or higher.

Kettlebells usually come in the same size and shape which is just a ball with a handle. But in today’s time, kettlebells are revolutionized in many ways that incorporate it with different exercises that effectively increases strength and improves physical health.​

Kettlebells for Men

​Do not mistake kettlebells for barbells. Handling and using each of it are entirely different. Some men who are accustomed to using barbells for weight training do not feel the same with kettlebells in the beginning. So regardless of the weight, you are used to lifting, consider getting a lower weight at the start and slowly increase when you are ready.

​An active man is recommended to start with 35 to 44 lbs. If you are an athlete, you can move to a slightly heavier weight of 35 to 53 pounds. if you do not exercise regularly, you can start with 26 pounds or less depending on your preference. If you are overweight, start with 5 lbs unless ready for something heavier.

​Kettlebells for Women

​Most women prefer to start with kettlebells that are lighter than they can handle, but it is encouraged that women choose a heavier weight. Kettlebells help a lot in getting the body women always wanted as long as used with the right program and dedication.

Average active women are recommended to start with 18 to 26 lbs, and athletic women can begin with 26 to 35 lbs. Women who do not exercise regularly can start with 13 to 18 lbs and slowly increase weight when they can handle it.

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​Finding the best kettlebells for you

​Be conservative in choosing the weight of your kettlebell. Choose one that is too heavy can be dangerous to your health. It’s better to start small and increase weight when you feel that your body is ready.

​In today’s time, Kettlebells not only come in different sizes but with programs as well so you already know what exercise or routines you can do with it and how it benefits your body. Its methods enhance not just the overall body but also target areas such as hips, arms, and a lot more.

Another factor you need to consider is the quality, warranty, and material used. All these matters as it will affect your performance.​

So without further ado, here are our 7 of the top kettlebells on the market today.​

7. Ader Vinyl Kettlebell Review​

Ader Vinyl Kettlebell Review​

These kettlebells were designed to be used with crossfit routines. They made of solid cast iron designs and offer great weight displacement throughout. You are able to choose from a variety weight choices. These can also be purchased for a fairly low price. 

6. Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Review​

Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Review​

The Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution includes a workout DVD in different 15-minute sessions that provide training in toning, strengthening, stretching, weight loss and wellness for all fitness levels. For those who wants a more targeted exercise, the DVD includes upper body, core, buns, and thighs training. As a bonus, you also get tips in preparing simple but delicious fat-burning meals to help you in your program.

It comes with a 5 lb Soft Kettlebell, 3 lb Soft Kettlebell, the nutrition solution guide, instructional wall chart and the workout DVD.​

5. Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell Review​

Tone Fitness Vinyl Kettlebell Review​

This Kettlebell is cement filled, Vinyl coated and redesigned for a more modern and comfortable grip. Its smoother handle allows you to workout without any discomfort in your hands so you can effectively sculpt and tone your entire body. Using a cement filled Kettlebell is an economical choice without affecting its purpose and promised results.

4. Yes4All Kettlebells Review

Yes4All Kettlebells Review

This Kettlebell comes in different weight from 5 to 45 lbs and made of durable cast iron, encased with rustproof Vinyl. At the same time, you minimize the noise and prevent any damages in your floors. It is designed with wider handles for better grip and a flat bottom so you can also use it in handstands, mounted pistol squats, and renegade rows. Continued use of Kettlebells properly will also help ease your lower back pains, stabilize your muscles, improve your speed, and effective body toning.

3. CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell Review

CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell Review

Another Kettlebell made of cast iron is the CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Kettlebell. Compared to other brands, it offers more variety in weight starting from 10 up to 80 lbs. It's also one of the few Kettlebells that comes with limited 30-day manufacturer’s warranty, so you know how confident they are with its quality.

CAP Barbell is a growing company for 20 years now and dedicated to designing fitness tools at an economical price. In fact, they are one of the leading distributors in the industry today.

2. RKC Russian Kettlebell Review

RKC Russian Kettlebell Review

Another powerful equipment to help you in your strength training or weight loss is the RKC Russian Kettlebell. It comes in sizes that are ideal for both men and women. It is rust proof, smooth and designed for a comfortable grip. With continuous use, a few weeks will already show changes in strength and condition.

1. GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped KettleBell​ Review

GoFit Premium Vinyl Dipped KettleBell​ Review

The GoFit Premium Kettlebell is a solid cast iron in one whole piece. Coated with Vinyl material for that durable, thick and rubberized coating and color coded for easy identification of weight. Its handle came in sanded texture and painted with two colored gloss coat for that perfectly comfortable grip.

It also comes with introductory training video so even beginners can take advantage of the many benefits of Kettlebells.

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