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Top 7 Best Laptops For Photography 2017


Photography and a laptop comes hand in hand in producing amazing images, either for personal or business use. This is why it important that anyone who is into taking pictures find the best laptop for photography. Just like cameras, laptops come in different brand, specs and features, and can be expensive so it's good to take your time to find the one suitable for all your needs.

Choosing the Best Laptop for Photography​


Laptops range from hundreds to thousands of dollar depending on their specifications and brand. However the best laptop is not always the most expensive one or the most compatible for your needs. So if budget is not an issue, never decide on a laptop based only on their price. Get to know the laptop and see what is has to offer that’s better from the rest before you decide.

Size and Weight

Most photographers are required to be always on the go or travel from one place to another to find just the right spot to capture the perfect shot. This is also the reason why you will need your laptop always with you so its dimension and weight is a very important factor.

Battery Life

Battery life is also essential because this allows you to do all computer work anywhere without the need to plug in. So before you choose a laptop, consider its battery life and if that is the best laptop available to accommodate your needs.


This is the most crucial step in choosing a laptop for yourself. You need to make sure that its specs is enough to provide you quality performance and appropriate memory space. One good way to make sure that the laptop is good enough for your needs is by making sure the laptop matches or exceeds the minimum requirement of the softwares you plan to use.

Our Recommended Laptops for Photography​

7th: Acer Aspire V17 Review

Acer Aspire V17 Review

The Acer Aspire V17 comes with a 2.6 GJz Core i7 processor with 8 GB DDR3 RAM, 1 TB SATA hard drive and use NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M as graphic coprocessor. It has a graphic card RAM size of 4000 MB, 2 3.0 USB ports and an average battery life of 4 hours. Maximum screen display is 1920 x 1080 in a 17.3 inches screen size. Total weight is 3.0 kg.

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It runs in Windows 8.1, 8x DVD-Super Multi Double-Layer Drive, integrated with Dolby audio, 4 built-in stereo speakers, microphone, SD card reader, 4.0 bluetooth, HD webcam, HDMI port.​

6th: MSI Ge72 Apache-078 Review

MSI Ge72 Apache-078 Review

MSI Ge72 Apache-078 impressed us with its faster and better than its predecessors. It focuses on providing you with excellent graphic and cores which are very important as you work on your images. It is equipped with 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7-5700HQ with 16GB DDR3L SD RAM. It has a memory speed of 1600 MHz, 1 TB SATA hard drive, runs on Windows 8 and NVIDIA Geforce GTX960M graphics coprocessor.

It comes with both 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports, bluetooth, and power-saving feature on your battery for a longer battery life. It has a total dimension of 16.5 x 11 x 1.1 inches and weighs 6 pounds.​

5th: Lenovo Z70 Laptop Review

Lenovo Z70 Laptop Review

The Lenovo Z70 is a super slim laptop without sacrificing performance. It is built with 2.4 GHz Core i7-5500U processor with 16 GB DDR3 RAM. 1000 GB Hard drive with NVIDIA GeForce 840M of graphic coprocessor and 2048 MB of graphic card RAM. It has a maximum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, screen size of 17.3 inches and Full HD anti-glare display so you can see even in the brightest sun. You will also enjoy enhanced audio clarity even on maximum volume output. It also has voice control feature for simple tasks like emailing or typing documents which is very handy when you got your hands tied to your camera.

Lenovo Z70 also offers accuType keyboard that makes each type more comfortable and convenient. Plus easily repair and protect your data from any virus with its OneKey Recovery that automatically recovers from a virus in just one single press of a button.​

4th:HP ENVY 15t Review

HP ENVY 15t Review

Next on our list is the HP ENVY 15t for its impressive performance for all your photography software and even entertainment. Its ideal not just for professionals but also for beginners in photography. It is lighter, thinner, and improved more than ever. It is equipped with 1a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-4700MQ processor and 8GB SDRAM DDR3 RAM which is just the right specs for all your photography softwares. It also has Intel HD Graphics 4600 graphic coprocessor and 100GB Hybrid hard drive for superior graphics and needed memory space. It comes with 4 3.0 USB ports.

3rd: Apple Macbook Pro Review

Apple Macbook Pro Review

The Apple MacBook Pro comes in different sizes so it will depend on you which is a better choice. But don’t worry because its size does not affect its very impressive performance and visual quality. Its Retina display feature allows you to view 2560x1600 resolution with pixel-for-pixel accuracy. It has a 178-degree view of your screen so you will be able to see the image on every angle.

If you’re getting the 15 inch, it comes with a 4th generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 2.8GHz speed and Turbo Boost speed that goes up to 4.0GHz. It comes with a standard 16GB memory and 4 USB ports. Best of all, battery life lasts up to 9 hours.

2nd: Acer Chromebook Review

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If travelling an essential part of your photography sessions, you may want to consider the Acer Chromebook that comes in 11.6 inches and with dimensions of 1 x 11.6 x 0.7 inches. It has a 2.16GHz Intel Turbo N2840 processor with 2GB DDR3L SDRAM which is just enough to run most of the softwares needed for photography. It has a total maximum screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels but has an impressive 9 hours average battery life.

1st: ASUS K501UX Review

ASUS K501UX Review

And the first place goes to ASUS K501UX that comes with a 2.5 GHz Core i7 6500U processor and Nvidia GTX950M 2GB GDDR3 graphics coprocessor. Equipped with 8GB DDR3 RAM and the ASUS exclusive cooling technique for fast stable performance throughout your use.

Its NVIDIA Optimus technology give you an improved graphic display without consuming too much power so you get the best of both world. It is also engineered with ASUS Splendid Technology for improved display with 4 preset modes so you can choose which one suits you best.

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