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Top 7 Best Lighted Mirrors Of 2017


Putting on makeup is a part of the lives of women. From the age of eight or nine, a lot of girls are already exposed to the beautiful world of putting on makeup, starting off with lip balms. When they reach their teenage years, their makeup regimens become more complicated. There is a lot to think about — putting on your eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, lip liner, lipstick, foundation, primer, the list goes on!

The makeup regimen of women also change as they transition into their years as a young professional, because they will be able to afford different types of makeup for different occasions, climates, and other specific factors.

Yes, the world of putting on makeup is a very complex one. However, there is a particular tool that is needed to be able to put on your makeup in the perfect way.

You must have a trusty mirror at hand. Not all mirrors are the same — there are the basic types of mirrors, but there are also some lighted makeup mirrors which enhance the makeup experience of women.

Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews

Here is a list of our best-lighted makeup mirrors that are available on the market today.​

7. Floxite 7504-12l 12x Led Lighted Folding Vanity Review

Floxite 7504-12l 12x Led Lighted Folding Vanity Review

If you are looking for flexibility when it comes to moving your mirror while putting on makeup, then this Floxite is for you. It is one of the most sought after lighted mirrors in the market and is being sold at $34.99 — not bad for a really superb mirror.

It utilizes battery-operated LED lights. You may also purchase an AC adapter. It has 12x and 1x mirrors, so your makeup experience can still be enhanced. The great thing about this mirror is its simplicity and its ease of use. Plus, it’s perfect for traveling!​

6. Jerdon JS811W 8-Inch Portable LED Lighted Adjustable Tabletop Review

Jerdon JS811W 8-Inch Portable LED Lighted Adjustable Tabletop Review

Jerdon mirrors always have a standard look. They always look classy and elegant. This portable mirror uses an LED light — providing a bright reflection of the user. Aside from being recommended by a lot of current users, it is very compact and is perfect for traveling.

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The Jerdon mirror is the perfect mirror for globe trotters, travellers, and adventurers who love to look good and feel good!​

5. Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror, Oiled-Bronze Finish Review

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The Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror is a tabletop classic. It is a double-sided lighted mirror and rotates at a 360-degree angle. Its light is a Soft Halo lighting — perfect for your makeup adventures. Even if you put your face close to the mirror, it will not fog up.

If you want a simple yet classic type of mirror, this is for you. It is also very affordable. This Jerdon will be your ultimate makeup buddy!​

4. Jerdon JGL9W Tabletop Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Jerdon JGL9W Tabletop Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

This modern looking Jerdon is something that makeup enthusiasts always bout. It looks very sharp and classy. It has a front mirror and two side mirrors which are perfect for applying makeup because you can see every angle of your face. If you like looking at yourself, you could use this mirror just to stare at yourself the entire day. Its light is also something that is commendable — it is flattering to the user, but is still on the realistic side.

This Jerdon’s magnification is adjustable. You may adjust it to four different settings — daytime, evening, home and office environments. With those kinds of options, you can never go wrong with this mirror.​

3. KI store Touch Screen LED Lighted Vanity Cosmetic Mirror / Makeup Mirror Review

KI store Touch Screen LED Lighted Vanity Cosmetic Mirror-Makeup Mirror Review

The design of the KI Store Touch Screen mirror is astounding. It looks very sleek and classy. It is also an excellent tool to help you look classy, elegant and beautiful. It is very easy to assemble and is very easy to use. Despite its sleek appearance, the base of the mirror is also very sturdy. The light emitted by the mirror is also perfect for putting on makeup.

This beautiful mirror is battery operated and, after a very long day, is very easy to clean. The KI Store Touch Screen LED is something that you would want on your nightstand.

2. Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

When putting on makeup, you should aim for perfection. However, perfection does not always come cheap. The simple human Sensor Mirror, priced at $199, is a treat for all makeup lovers who want to look their best. It is a distortion-free mirror, even around its edges. The mirror is made out of high-quality glass supported by a high-quality aluminum coating. This mirror promises only clarity and precision. You may also adjust it as you please. It also has a

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You can recharge the light of this mirror by using a standard USB cable. Its battery life would for around five weeks if used moderately.

​The best thing about this is its Tru-lux light system. The light from the mirror stimulates natural light, therefore making the image very realistic. When you purchase this mirror, you should prepare to say goodbye to bad makeup days!

1. Fluorescent CooliteTM Lighted 8 1/2" Double Sided Swivel Review

Fluorescent CooliteTM Lighted 8 half Double Sided Swivel Review

This two-sided mirror is a classic — it has had well-known predecessors and is made by a known mirror company. It is currently a crowd favorite among makeup artists, enthusiasts, and everyday users. It omits bright but very even light and is perfect for putting on makeup as the view of the CooliteTM is not blinding. Aside from that, the magnification of this mirror is astounding. You will not have a problem if you needed to look closely onto your face — you will not miss any spot!

Although it needs to be plugged in, the cord is long enough which makes it easy to use. The CooliteTM is the perfect companion for every makeup enthusiast and is highly recommended by people from various generations.

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