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Top 7 Best Money Clips of 2021


When you sometimes find it troublesome to get money from your wallet, then money clips is all you need. A money clip can be handy if you want to easily access your money from your pocket. It is also a good way to organize your money and avoid misplacing it. There are a variety of money clips available today, and its function is not just to secure your money, but some have handy tools attached to it which can be used for emergencies. Here are some of the best money clips in 2021. 

7. Paul Smith Cyclist Money Clip Review

Paul Smith Cyclist Money Clip Review

When you're a cyclist and want to put money in your pocket or on your bag, then this money clip will fit right in. The Paul Smith Cyclist money clip has an imprinted design that is geared for any cyclist that wants something to hold their money. It’s a polished money clip with a colorful cyclist motif, for a bold appeal. This money clip is made copper and plated in zinc. The paint is enamel the portrays a cyclist riding a bike. It is small and lightweight that will surely fit your pocket. The edges have been smoothed out so it won’t damage the fabric inside your pocket. Overall, it’s a nice and attractive money clip you can use wherever you go.

6. Shinola Magnetic Money Clip Review

If you’re tired of the old-fashioned type of money clip, then the Shinola money clip is the way to go. Unlike a standard money clip, the Shinola has magnets to keep your money secure. It is crafted from quality Horween leather and is available in black, brown and orange. Although the color of the leather may fade in time, its classic appearance can bring out the retro look making it attractive to anyone who want a unique money clip inside their pocket. The leather is one of the most durable and flexible materials available. It is soft, easy to manage and comfortable in the hands. Since the magnets are the ones to secure money, the number of paper bills it can hold is limited to only a few. So if you feel there is no resistance when you secure your money, you might want to take out a few ones to make it fit.

5. Visol Men's Capricorn Stainless Steel Money Clip Review

Visol Men's Capricorn Stainless Steel Money Clip Review

The Visol Capricorn Money Clip is made with premium stainless steel, hinged grip and can hold 15 to 20 bills, and it is neatly packaged in cardboard gift box. With its stainless steel body, this money clip will be more durable and can resist rust for a long time. The adjustable hinge can easily stack up to 20 bills. It is simple and shiny to look at, and this can be a perfect gift for a birthday or graduation. The product dimension is 3.2 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches and weighs just 0.8 ounces. If you are looking for a good functional clip that will hold your money well, this is a great clip.

4. M-Clip Ultralight Slide V2 Anodized Money Clip Review

M-Clip Ultralight Slide V2 Anodized Money Clip Review

The M-Clip Ultralight V2 Series Anodized Aluminum & Rubber Slide Money Clip is a unique and quality clip built with super-light aircraft grade satin finish anodized aluminum. This money clip is made in the USA. The detail is astounding, and the image is laser etched to express a unique design. The materials being used are corrosion resistant so you won't have to worry about the formation of rust, and the spring is heat treated to make it more durable and retain its metal strength. This money clip is a perfect alternative to your bulky wallet. The operation of this money clip is easy. Grip the urethane rubber inlaid lever bars at the front and slide it back completely, then simply pinch the levers to open the clip. Overall, this is classy money clip that will surely turn heads.

3. GuDeKe Unisex's Zinc Alloy Man Batman Batarang Money Clip Black Review

GuDeKe Unisex's Zinc Alloy Man Batman Batarang Money Clip Black Review

If you are a fan of the Batman, then this awesome money clip is what you need. It is made of metal with powerful magnets to hold your money. The magnetic force of its magnet can hold up to 20 bills. Many people do not immediately recognize it as Batman when it is folded money clip but it does look different as a money clip, and it does look sharp. Some say that the magnets came off because it was not held together properly, but a quick fix applying a super glue resolved the issue. Overall it's an awesome money clip, especially for the price. The magnet is pretty strong, but it's not going to hold a huge stack of money but can hold enough for any person would normally carry.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip Review

Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip Review

The Victorinox Swiss Army Money Clip is the money clip you need if you prefer to have more accessories. It is an engravable money clip plus large knife, scissors, nail file. The stainless-steel tools with rust-proof aluminum alloy separators and durable brass rivets and bushings hold knife layers together. At 3 inches long, this is the ideal gift for executives or groomsmen. The money clip is made to exacting standards, with dozens of individual parts and hundreds of steps going into its construction. Victorinox attends to every detail, from selecting the finest materials. Each tool has been hardened in a different way to stand up to its designated use. Overall, this is a unique money clip with additional accessories wherever you go.

1. Gerber GDC Money Clip Review

Gerber GDC Money Clip Review

This sleek GDC Money Clip, capably housing its nimble blade within a 3.6- inch body, stows easily in a pocket. It features a Titanium nitride coated steel body with a G10 front plate and holds five credit cards and a sleek, small fine edge knife blade. It perfectly integrates high-tech function with a need for basic, sturdy steel. True to the always ready GDC lifestyle and built for the practical gentleman, the Money Clip is a Gerber innovation for anyone who wants an additional accessory to carry. Gerber offers a lifetime warranty on this product for the assurance you have the best quality.

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