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Top 7 Best Outdoor Basketballs Of 2017


If you do love to do some fancy hoops or just play basketball with your friends, then most probably you are looking for that quality ball you want to have fun with. Choosing a basketball may not be that difficult, but there are some things you want to take note of. If you are going to be using it outdoors, then you are not going to want one that seems like genuine leather. Those will shred and become very hard on the outside of the ball. You probably want to get one that feels more like rubber that doesn't bounce like a wall ball.

With indoor balls, look for the soft, grippy type, so the types made of composite leather. Outdoor balls are usually synthetic, so they can endure the wear and tear of outdoor surfaces. It is either synthetic leather or plastic. Rubber basketballs (the really 'bouncy' kind) are low-grade, low-quality basketballs. Try to get something made out of leather or plastic, as rubber basketballs will change shape if exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. The weight of most balls is similar, however, it changes according to the official size of a basketball. Now, if you are looking for a good quality basketball, here are some of the best that are available today.

7. Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball Review

Under Armour 495 Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Review

This Under Armour 495 Indoor/Outdoor Basketball features tackified composite cover for excellent grip and feel. It has deep channels for better control. Has 80-Percent nylon windings for excellent shape retention and 100 percent butyl bladder for maximum air retention. It has an excellent weight, nice tack, and ridges. It's constructed and made very well with good materials and feels as close to an official NBA basketball. Many users agree that this basketball feels good when dribbling. Highly recommend this to anyone for either an outdoor or indoor basketball. The ball is well constructed and comes well packaged. Seems durable as well. Note that this is a rubber ball and therefore will be rougher on the hands than an indoor leather ball.

6. Mikasa Sports Usa Mikasa Bx1000 Series Review

Mikasa Sports Usa Mikasa Bx1000 Series Review

This ball is just what you need for anything you require an indoor or outdoor ball, especially if you have a mini indoor hoop. It is made of quality rubber which is great for outdoor play. The Mikasa BX1000 Series Elementary 25.5-inch Basketball BX1006 is a size 4, a 25.5-inch ball with a premium outdoor rubber cover with a wide channel. It is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Overall, it is a great little ball - size needed for little dribblers and much less expensive. You can never go wrong with the Mikasa Bx1000. Your kid will surely love this basketball.

5. Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball Review

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball Review

The Baden Elite Game Ball is the top-of-the-line game basketball, designed for maximum consistency and playability. You'll feel the difference with this ball immediately. It features proprietary advanced microfiber cover with perfect tack for optimum playability. It has a perfectly symmetrical design for a balanced ball without lumps or inconsistent bounces. Patented Cushion Control Technology gives Baden balls a softer feel, a truer bounce, and a longer life. It also has recessed Stealth Soft-Valve System for an almost undetectable valve. The Elite is the only basketball with a symmetrical design giving you perfect balance and consistency. It is approved by the NFHS and is the official basketball of many state high-school associations across the country.

4. Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball Review

Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball Review

Wilson combines laid-in channels patented technology and exclusive Cushion Core Technology along with its exclusive premium Microfiber Composite Cover delivering maximum grip and player control. It is made of Microfiber Composite Leather Cover, the highest quality microfiber composite performance leather for the best performance. The Patented Aqua-Grip laid-in channels replace traditional rubber with pebbled composite leather to enhance grip. Exclusive Cushion Core Technology combines low-density sponge rubber and ultra-durable butyl rubber producing a basketball with exceptional feel. Overall, The Evolutions strike the right balance between grip and soft feel. They are durable and can be found for reasonable prices.

3. Baden Contender Indoor/Outdoor Composite Basketball Review

Baden Contender Indoor and Outdoor Composite Basketball Review

The Baden's Contender Basketball boasts a high-quality composite cover designed for indoor and outdoor play. Its performance composite cover with a grip made for indoor and outdoor play, symmetrical design for a perfectly balanced ball. The widely-spaced panels ensure soft and consistent feel and stealth Soft-Valve System for an almost undetectable valve. The Contender delivers a consistent and reliable playing experience. With this ball, you'll never experience a bad bounce. If you want a ball that plays great right out of the package, this is the one for you. It has a nice feel and excellent grip.

2. Molten BGM Basketball, Indoor/Outdoor, FIBA Approved Review

Molten BGM Basketball, Indoor and Outdoor, FIBA Approved Review

The bestselling Molten BGM indoor/outdoor basketball series is ready to play wherever and whenever you choose. It is made of synthetic cover and a butyl bladder, great for either indoor or outdoor use. Designed to withstand competition in any environment, the FIBA approved BGM basketball is a great choice for athletes everywhere. Molten’s signature GIUGIARO design enhances visibility, helping you focus on the movement of the ball. The Molten BGM Basketball is ready for intense play, whether on the court or outdoors. Overall, it is a very nice ball, and it bounces well that you can use indoors or outdoors.

1. Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

Spalding NBA Street Basketball Review

For an outdoor basketball, grip, durability, and balance are probably the most important considerations. Spalding's `Street' basketball ranks pretty high in those key departments. It features a performance outdoor cover with a wide channel design for an outstanding grip and feel. It is typically designed for competitive street play. With the Spalding NBA Street Basketball, You get a nice firm grip, the durability of the pebbled finish seems to be pretty good, and you get a nice bounce on various types of hardcourts. The grip may not be as good as Spalding's NBA Legacy ball, but it is very close. Like many outdoor type balls, it may feel a little heavy on an indoor court. It's reasonably priced, so if you need an outdoor ball, you really can't go wrong with this one.

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