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Top 7 Best Power Racks Of 2017


A power rack or also known as a power cage is a training equipment used for exercising physical strength, muscle training or even just to lose weight. It is designed to accommodate different exercise routines like bench press, pull-ups, Olympic lifts, deadlifts and many more.

With regular use, anyone will surely be fitter month after month. Just remember to use power racks correctly because improper use can lead to severe physical injuries.

In choosing the best power rack for yourself, you need to consider the following:


Since power racks come in different sizes, you have to make sure that it can accommodate your height and weight. The bigger you are, the bigger the power rack you need for your utmost comfort as you train your body.


​You also have to make sure that your power rack is stable enough to handle all types of exercise you will perform. Especially with pull ups and bench press wherein any instability can cause dangerous results.

Our Top 7 Best Power Racks​:

There are many kinds of power racks available today. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself, it's not going to be easy especially if this is your first time. So to help you find the top brands on the market, here are 7 of our favorite and recommended power racks:

7. Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar Review​

Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar Review​

If you are looking for a power rack for your home yet sturdy enough for heavy use, the Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar is one brand to consider. It comes with extra features that are typically not included, such as, weight storage pegs, 24” spotter arms and uniquely constructed band pegs that also work as dip bar handles.

It has 6’ long base for excellent stability, especially for pull ups and kipping pull ups, but you can also bolt it to the ground for extra hold. It has a 72 x 48 x 94 dimension with a maximum height of 110” and made of heavy duty 11 gauge steel with the ability to hold up to 1,000 lbs. Each purchase comes with weight storage pegs, band pegs, J-cups, spotter arms, dip bars and a 10-year warranty on all attachments and frame.​

6. Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks Review​

Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks Review​

The Atlas Power Rack is an exceptionally durable fitness equipment so you can do all your routines efficiently and safely but in a price much affordable than most power racks. From curls, shrugs, bench press, squats, military press and a lot more. It is 59” x 48” wide, so there is a lot of space for exercises with significant movements. It has a total weight of 137 lbs and 83” in height.

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This power rack comes can accommodate 28 positions of different exercises for variety. Plus light knurling for secure grip, chin up bar, plate holders, chrome plated pins and more. And you can also add extra accessories that are separately purchased such as long safety bars, HD J-Hooks, weight holder attachments.​

5. Body-Solid Pro Power Rack Review​

Body-Solid Pro Power Rack Review​

Body-Solid Pro Power Rack gives you maximum stability even for the most extreme workouts. It is made of heavy-duty 11-gauge high tensile strength steel frames with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish to prevent scratches and chips. It also features saber-style safety rods and heat tempered lift-offs to provide you the most convenient, efficient and safest workout.

It is 82” in height, 49” length, 46” in width with a maximum weight of 800 lbs. You also get 20 adjustment levels with each having 3” difference and 41” knurled chinning bar.​

4. Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack Review

Valor Athletics Hard Power Rack Review

Another durable and reliable power rack on the market is the Valor Fitness Hard Power Rack. It comes with 2.5 “ x 2.5” 12 gauge steel frame construction, solid steel safety chrome bars for maximum support and 4 bars support for different bar height exercises. It’s perfect for bench press and squats inside the frame, particularly for hardcore strength training. It's pull up station can also accommodate not just pulling but also for pushing.

It can provide 17 different positions with bar support from 18” to 68”. The main frame measures 60mm x 60mm x 2.0 mm and comes with a year frame warranty.​

3. PowerLine Power Rack Review

PowerLine Power Rack Review

Train your muscles efficiently and securely with the PowerLine Power Rack. It features a spacious walk-in design to make it easier for you to do exercise routines like incline, decline, squats, flat, military presses, calf raises, and shrugs. With a total 18 positions, 2 saber style safety rods, two heat tempered lift-offs, for the easiest yet very effective body workout.

The power rack measures up to 44 x 82 x 46 inches with a total weight of 136 lbs and comes with a great 10-year warranty for the frame and 1-year warranty for all its parts.

2. Titan Power Rack Kit Review

Titan Power Rack Kit Review

The Titan Power Rack offers spacious walk-in design, maximum stability and accommodates a total of 28 different heights and exercises. From bench press, shrugs, curls, squats, military press and a lot more, the Titan Power Rack can assist you with it. It has a total weight of 107 lbs with floor space of 48” x 48” of steel.

1. Valor Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment Review

Valor Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment Review

And our most recommended power rack is the Valor Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment. It features a frame with 2” x 2” steel, 2 solid steel safety bars, 4 storage pegs for weights, 4 solid steel chrome weight bar supports that can accommodate up to 17 different position from 17.5” to 68” height. Its utility bars come with foam covers, chrome pull-up bar with grips, lat pull-down station with plate loading carriage and low pulley station for your utmost security, convenience and comfort.

It has a maximum weight of 250 lbs on lat pull and 500 lbs for each bar holder. Total measurement is 63.5-inch width x 82” height.

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