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Top 7 Best Sleep Masks Of 2017


Getting that perfect sleep can be troublesome. This is especially true if live in a busy area or you are working a graveyard shift and have to sleep throughout the day. Though there are many prescription medicines that can help you sleep, you might be wary the hidden side effects that can do harm on your body. One alternative to achieving that perfect sleep is the use of a sleep mask. A sleep mask is very affordable and can be purchased almost anywhere. A sleep mask also comes with earplugs if ever you really don’t want to be disturbed in your sleep. So here are the top 7 sleep masks to choose from.

7. PrimeEffects Sleep Mask Kit Review

prime effects sleep mask review

A sleep mask that is very affordable, the PrimeEffects Sleep Mask Kit that really block all the light while staying naturally in your face even when you move around while you sleep. It is very well constructed and light weight.

The strap is elastic with Velcro to keep it in place. There is also a place on the strap where you can put the earplugs that come with it, perfect for not easily misplacing them while travelling. It is perfect for men, women and children, and easily adjusts to all head sizes. The contour is specially made with no pressure on the eyes. It has a protective curve, keeping the fabric away from your eyelids as you rest.

6. The Bedtime Bliss Contoured Eye Mask Review

bedtime bliss sleep mask review

​If you are looking for an affordable sleep mask, then The Bedtime Bliss Contoured Eye Mask is your choice for the full deep sleep experience.

It offers maximum eye and nose coverage to keep out all of the light, and you can open your eyes. It comes with earplugs and a carrying pouch to store it when travelling. It’s a very comfortable sleep mask that molds around your face and eyes.

The sleep mask has a unisex design that either men or women can use. Though it may look like diving goggles, the black color and design make it more attractive to anyone who wants a sleep mask that is practical and comfortable to use when sleeping. The sturdy wide strap is comfortable, well attached and holds the mask exactly where you want it. This mask blocks out the light completely while maintaining its shape as you sleep.

5. The Alaska Bear Pure Silk Eye Mask Review

alaska bear pure silk eye mask review

Another top-quality sleep mask, The Alaska Bear Pure Silk Eye Mask is made of mulberry silk. This is not too thick and very lightweight. It mimics the effects of curtains or window blinds that can block out the sunlight for achieving that perfect sleep you always wanted.

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The strap is elastic and can easily be adjusted without tangling your hair and interfere while sleeping. The adjustable Velcro strap of this lightweight sleep mask helps in easy and secure fastening. This ensures easy handling, accentuated by the quick release closure. This high quality construction mask is super lightweight, soft & comfortable and has an adjustable strap to fit all head sizes. This comfortable eye mask helps you sleep deeply anywhere and anytime, suitable for: bed, airplane flights, long car rides,

4. Luxury Pink Sleep Mask Review

luxury pink sleep mask review

If ever you are looking for a pink sleep mask, then the Luxury Pink Sleep Mask is what you need. Made from a soft, fluffy material, this sleep mask is also very easy to clean and can easily adjust to the contours of your face.

Though it does not cover your ears, it comes with a set of earplugs to block the noise and get that undisturbed sleeping experience. For hygienic purposes, the Luxury Pink Sleep Mask is bundled with a blue satin bag that you can store your sleep mask and earplugs when you go travelling. This is probably the cutest sleep mask on the list.

3. Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Travel Sleep Mask Review

dream essentials escape lukcury sleep mask review

Another great product from Dream Essentials, the Escape Luxury Travel Sleep Mask. It also comes with a carrying bag which is perfect for travelling. This sleep mask has a very thick padding perfect for blocking out sunlight. It is easy-to-adjust headband won't tangle hair like masks that use velcro. And the plastic adjuster stays at the back of your head.

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The strap in non-elastic but is adjustable to fit comfortable on your head. Though the strap is a Velcro type, you might need to adjust it from time to time when you sleep to get that perfect fit. Whether you are sleeping in hotels, on a train or by airplane, this will be the only sleep mask you only need to take with you on your travels.

2. Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask Review

dream essentials sweet dreams review

This sleep mask is probably the most weird-looking on this list. Just by looking at it, you’re pretty sure that you might be in a costume party. But seriously though, this mask is a bit cheaper but it is made of good quality materials and it also comes with a set of earplugs and carrying pouch that can be very useful when travelling.

The contoured design is flexible and it fits snugly on the face which keeps a fair amount of distance from the user’s eyelash from rubbing against the mask. mask features concave eye pockets to keep the sleep mask away from your eyes and allow for normal blinking and air circulation.

1. Sleep Master Sleep Mask Review

sleep master sleep mask review

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is light, thick and capable of blocking out sunlight for achieving the best-undisturbed sleep you ever wanted. It has a Velcro strap for the perfect adjustment and is thick enough to fit securely on your head. The adjustable Velcro strap of this lightweight sleep mask helps in easy and secure fastening. This ensures easy handling. The sides can also cover your ears, just enough to block some noise on your surroundings and can keep your ears warm during a cold weather. This sleep mask is a bit pricy but rest assured, the materials used is worth every penny spent. The perfect sleep accessory for home or travel.

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